300 pico second laser for tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation

The Spectrum pico 300 is close to the optimum for a tattoo removal laser and represents the current state of the art in this field.

The strong photo acoustic effect is produced by the very high peak power and narrow 300ps pulses, is effective on all colours.   Enabling more effective tattoo removal with fewer treatments and less collateral damage to surrounding tissue.

The addition of the 20x diffraction array lens turns the Spectrum pico 300 into a multi function device and enables effective removal of various lesions as well as skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation.

The build quality of this high performance machine is second to none and is fully backed by the Cambridge Stratum 3 year warranty.


This is a large tattoo consisting of at least 4 colours black, red, yellow and green.

Just 2 Days After one Treatment

This photo taken just 2 days after the first treatment shows that all colours have faded.  The fade will continue to increase for up to the next 6 weeks. Fast pico second lasers are the only type of laser that can produce this level of improvement in all colours.

Note: This is the patients image taken on her smart phone but even though there is a difference in exposure the improvement in all colours is evident.

Pigmented Lesion Before and After one treatment