What is Cambridge Stratum?

Cambridge Stratum has evolved from the founders’ need to source a broad range of aesthetic/ medical equipment for their own use, that is world class in performance, with uncompromising build quality and safety, yet offers excellent value for money.

All of the equipment offered through Cambridge Stratum has been evaluated and is in daily use in our associated company Cosmex Clinic run by the 2014 Aesthetic Awards Aesthetic Nurse of the Year, Louise Sommereux.  All equipment supplied is either CE or Medical CE approved as appropriate and all products have been verified as suitable for the UK.

None of the products we eventually market have been sourced blind and we have visited all of these factories and many others in order to assess their capabilities and ensure we are sourcing the best of what is available.  We work proactively with our suppliers to influence the design process and ensure products best meet the needs of the market.  We believe strongly that symbiotic relationships formed over time produce the best outcome for all concerned.

However, we jealously retain our independence so that we are free to offer a product range that is the best available.  It also enables us to offer a wider range of product covering different price points.

In an ideal world we would all have the latest and greatest equipment that money can buy but for most of us the reality is not that utopian and most clinics have some form of financial constraint.  This leads to equipment being used sub optimally e.g. Long Pulse NdYag for hair removal in skin types I to III.  By making equipment more affordable Cambridge Stratum is helping clinics to offer a wider range of treatments, become more profitable and have the best tool for the job in their hand.

All Cambridge Stratum products offer:

    • Excellent build quality and appropriate CE approval.
    • Selected following a rigorous product selection programme, which discarded over 95% of all products seen.
    • Backed by a UK based on-site guarantee, supported by engineers with many years (up to 20 years) of directly related experience.
    • Reassurance that Cambridge Stratum is using the same equipment in their associated award winning clinic.
    • A management team with many years successful experience of design, manufacturing, support and marketing of a wide range of high technology equipment.
    • Excellent value for money