The Cambridge Stratum 3 year warranty

All new major systems will be covered by the market leading Cambridge Stratum 3 year warranty.  We are launching this initiative as a strong and clear statement of the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products.  It is intended to provide our customers total peace of mind and the ability to clearly budget for the total cost of the equipment for at least the first 3 years.  We do not exclude items that are clearly not consumables and we have no plans to add expensive cost per use charges as imposed by some other suppliers.

It will include all parts and labour costs with the only exceptions being:

  • Consumable items with finite life expectancy  – these will be covered by a more limited warranty
  • Parts vulnerable to operator damage

These items will be clearly identified in writing prior to purchase so that the purchaser is fully informed.

For some machines it will be necessary to have the machine serviced/calibrated for the warranty to remain in force.  Where this is a requirement this will be stated at the time of purchase including the cost.

As standard this warranty applies to machines sold and located within the mainland of Great Britain.  It can be extended to other territories on a case by case basis, which will be defined in a specific written agreement.