The Need

FACE 2014 – Our associated company Cosmex Clinic, was actively seeking to purchase equipment to deliver a wider range of treatments. The clinic had moved to new premises with five treatment rooms and needed to make use of the additional space.

However, the Directors were then rather shocked by the quotation of £70,000 for a laser hair removal machine, £80,000 for cryolipolysis and up to £60,000 for a bipolar radio frequency machine with all the trimmings. These upfront costs were significant but in addition there would be annual maintenance contracts of typically 10-15% of the purchase price so that after 5 years typically over 50% of the purchase price would be spent again on maintenance. Then the final icing on the cake – consumables! In many cases consumables are reasonable and inevitable. In some cases the prices seemed excessive and the need artificial.

This caused the Directors to question the value for money being offered as well as the ROI. Certainly they were offered some amazing scenarios but how achievable were they? The downsides of these investments were significant and the size of the investments would greatly reduce the rate at which a wider range of treatments could be introduced. As a result they decided to investigate the alternatives.

The Alternatives

The aesthetics industry emanated from the USA. As a result the USA’s hegemony as both the largest manufacturer of aesthetic medical equipment and still the largest single market, has enabled it to set the standards and to a significant extent the rules.

The Aesthetics market is maturing and what was once an American centric industry is now showing signs of globalisation. E.g. The BTL (founded in Prague, Czech Republic) contactless bipolar radio frequency machine VanquishTM is an innovative approach to body contouring.

Perhaps more significantly, in the last decade the Chinese have been learning and gaining strength in both the technology and the market for medical equipment but there are serious issues that need to be addressed when sourcing directly from China. For more information on this see Alibaba – Why you should be very afraid!
However, by selecting only the best possible partners and working closely with them there are now Chinese suppliers who by working through a professional and responsible European distributor can deliver world class products and provide excellent value for money.