Financial Solutions from Siemens to support the changing face of Aesthetics

The Aesthetic market faces a number of challenges, including; how to keep abreast of new technology, how to ensure efficient patient flows and cost management.

At Siemens we wish to work with you to overcome one of your key challenges; the ability to acquire the most advanced equipment available while maintaining cash-flow. How? Through innovative financial solutions.

The solution to your procurement needs

When you acquire new equipment, do you use capital or utilise available banking facilities? Unfortunately both effectively trap cash in an asset that will only reduce in value over time.
However, making use of alternative asset-financing techniques, such as leasing can offer a more flexible way to procurement.
Leasing will help you afford the latest equipment as well as rapidly improving efficiency. You rent the equipment via pre-agreed payments over a specified period of time, allowing you to upgrade equipment when necessary, while leaving capital free for other uses.

As the market leader in aesthetic equipment financing, Siemens has a wide range of innovative financial solutions which can be tailored to provide the more cost effective means of acquiring the technology you need. This is all part of Siemens commitment to delivering total solutions that offer greater value and lead to higher quality care, with minimum impact on cash flows.
What are the benefits of Leasing?
Conserves cash reserves – leasing enables you to acquire the equipment you need, without making a substantial lump sum cash payment or take out credit options.

Easy budgeting – payments are regular and fixed. They are not affected by tax or inflation. Payments are made monthly and set to suit your budgets, roll-out schedules and or cash flow requirements.

No compromise; Choose the equipment your clinic needs, rather than having to purchase within a restricted budget.

No Deposit; With no up-front costs, you only start paying once the equipment is installed.
Upgrade opportunities – we recognise the importance of long term customer relationships and incorporate maximum flexibility throughout the contract to make upgrades and technology refresh as easy as possible.

100% Finance; You can cover the total cost of ownership, training, pre-installation work.

Finance Calculator

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Do you offer Private Healthcare finance?
Absolutely. Siemens has a wide range of tailored healthcare finance solutions available to all.

Can I upgrade the equipment?
Yes you can upgrade your equipment to keep pace with advances in technology or to adapt to unforeseen requirements. At the end of your lease, you can own the product for a nominal sum.