It is Cambridge Stratum’s aim to bring you world class products at more affordable prices, with no loss of quality or support.   We are therefore pleased to introduce Flexi-price on our machines that support this function.

Flexi-price is not a sale price, but a business model designed to make our products more accessible and reduce the downside risk to purchasers.

The purchaser can buy the machine with 100% ownership for a much-reduced price.

The use of the machine is then enabled through the purchase of cards that allow a predefined number of pulses/cycles.

This takes much of the risk out of the purchase and once the machine is paying its way comfortably, the owner can at any time upgrade to the normal price and eliminate the pay/use element.

Advantages of Flexi Price

  • Lower purchase price
    • Enables easier credit approval, especially for newer businesses
    • Makes the fixed monthly payments lower
    • Reduces downside risk
  • Costs grow in line with the use of the machine and are self-funding
  • The owner can upgrade to the full price at any time and eliminate the pay /use element
  • If desired each user can have their own card which enables other flexible models within the business

Example of the Flexi Price Model

Stratum pico 300 – high quality  300ps laser for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal, plus skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

  • Flexi Price
  • 100% purchase price
  • Monthly finance costs 100% finance*
  • Monthly Saving
  • The saving will fund
  • Normal Purchase on 100% finance*
  • £70,000.00
  • £1540.00
  • Monthly Saving
  • The saving will fund
  • Purchase on 100% finance plus Flex-price*
  • £45,000.00
  • £990.00
  • £550.00
  • 5500 pulses/month

*  For simplicity all prices exclude VAT (prices shown are indicative only and are included to illustrate the concept)

*  Subject to variation depending upon financial status

A starter card of 5000 pluses is included within the Flexi-price purchase price so that new cards can always be funded from previous work done.


  • An annual service and calibration check is required in order to maintain the on-going safe use of the machine and warranty
  • When purchasing on Flexi-price the owner will additionally need to purchase a minimum of amount of pulses to maintain the ongoing warranty.

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