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Choosing the best skin tightening device for face and body

Add a skin tightening device to your portfolio of treatments 

In the modern world of aesthetics being ahead of the curve in terms of non surgical devices has never been more important. As part of your portfolio of energy assisted equipment you may be looking to upgrade or add a skin tightening device for face and body treatments.

We appreciate in a busy market place with so much choice it can be overwhelming choosing your medical machines. In today’s blog we’ll be talking you through the benefits of investing in a HI-FU machine and why including treatments using skin firming devices can add value to your business.

Why HI-FU?

High intensity focused ultrasound (HI-FU) is widely considered by medical and cosmetic experts alike to be one of the most effective and safe types of treatment for long term skin tightening.

When considering  facial rejuvenation, HI-FU skin tightening devices can help to tighten skin on the neck and jowls, without surgery, needles or downtime.  Hi-Fu is also an excellent component in a combination approach that includes dermal fillers for volume loss and laser skin resurfacing for the ultimate permanent result.

Choosing a HI-FU device

When choosing a skin tightening device for face and body treatments you want to be sure the device offers value as well as patient satisfaction. At Cambridge Stratum we offer SkinTyte III our 3rdgeneration multiline 3D machine that is fast, comfortable and reliable, which is why we offer it with a 3year warranty as standard.

Users can enjoy different heads meaning it’s possible to both generate new collagen and contour the body all with one device. It’s portable, making it versatile within your busy clinic, and suitable for all skin types allowing you to treat more patients.

You can read more about the benefits of this skin tightening machine professional experts use on our product pages. Click here to be taken to the SkinTyte page.

Trust the science

When considering which type of HI-FU skin tightening machine professional clinics like yours should have, it’s always best to look at the science behind the device. Smart mode operation greatly simplifies operation and reduces chance of errors, making SkinTyte one of the safest skin firming devices available in the UK.

Compared to radio frequency skin tightening devices, for example, SkinTyte can achieve the target 65 – 70C temperatures to cause denaturing of the collagen without burning and is fractional, enabling faster healing and better results.

Ask us for more information

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the skin firming devices we have available with you. If you’re looking to add a skin tightening device for face and body treatments, or you simply want to know your options if you’re considering expanding your portfolio of energy assisted devices at your clinic, the Cambridge Stratum team can help.

Cambridge Stratum offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic and medical equipment, and our devices offer world-class performance with uncompromising quality and safety – all at great value.

Contact us on 01223 846881 or today to discuss your needs, and you can click here to see our top skin tightening devices.