Introducing the Spectra 1550

Approval as a VTCT training center

We are pleased to announce that our sister company Cosmex Clinic, Cambridge has been approved as a VTCT Training Center for Laser and Light Therapy training.

Therefore we will in conjunction with Advance Training be able to offer VTCT Level 4 training on Laser and Light therapies, with the advantage for Cambridge Stratum customers that the practical elements of the course will be done on Cambridge Stratum machines.

For customers new to Laser and light therapies this will make the transition from training to clinical practice virtually seamless.  To view the certificate please click on the link below:

Training approval for Laser and Light therapy training

Unrepeatable DermaDeep ACE show Offer

For our first appearance at ACE the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition on 15th and 16th April 2016 , we are offering the DermaDeep the world’s most technically advanced LED light therapy machine for a special show price that starts at £5,500 + vat Read more

Is one head better than three?

Cambridge Stratum is now able to supply both 755nm and 1064nm head options to its Aluna range of diode lasers.  The heads are interchangeable and auto detected and further enhance the already considerable capability of the of the Aluna range.

Broad Band Light (BBL) – Amazing Study Results

The Stratum 2 now comes with multiple operating modes including the Broad Band Light (BBL) mode.  Each of the modes can be enabled or disabled to suit the experience and preferences of the clinic/operator and then locked.

The BBL mode has been included as a simplified operation rapid pulse mode where the operator only has  control of the fluence and filter type. The Broad Band Light or BBL mode has been incorporated in response to the amazing results from the Stanford University Medical School

We find that skin aging was associated with a significantly altered expression level of 2,265 coding and noncoding RNAs, of which 1,293 became ‘‘rejuvenated’’ after BBL treatment; i.e., they became more similar to their expression level in youthful skin.