Cambridge Stratum is now able to supply both 755nm and 1064nm head options to its Aluna range of diode lasers.  The heads are interchangeable and auto detected and further enhance the already considerable capability of the of the Aluna range.

Advances in diode laser technology mean the advantages of greater reliability and potentially larger head sizes are now available at 755nm, 810nm and 1064nm wavelengths.  High diode stack prices are limiting the present size of diode heads at 755 and 1064nm but over time this will change.  Although 810nm does have application in all skin types, each wavelength has its advantages:

755nm – Commonly referred to as Alexandrite (for purely historical reasons) 755nm is better absorbed by Melanin, which makes it more effective for lighter hair types and fine hairs.  Although if anyone tells you that it can treat light blonde or white hair then they are stretching the truth to breaking point.  Grey hair can often be treated with 810nm because it has patches of melanin and in that situation 755nm can again be beneficial.

1064nm – Is often referred to as the gold standard for treating skin types V and VI because it is less well absorbed by both melanin and the surrounding tissue.  As a result it both penetrates deeper and the tissue surrounding the melanocytes in the epidermis is heated less resulting in less overall heating of the epidermis relative to the heating of the hair follicle.  The main benefit of this when treating skin types V and VI is less risk of post treatment changes in pigmentation.

Not content with simply making available diode laser heads at all three wavelengths, our laser supplier partner Apolomed is now one of the first companies worldwide that can supply all three wavelengths combined in a single head.

At Cambridge Stratum we can see benefits of this in certain circumstances. For example:

    • The addition of 1064nm when treating deeper rooted hairs due to its deeper penetration.
    • The addition of 755nm when removing greying hair that contains hairs with different amounts of melanin, or lighter hair that has less melanin.

However, the current generation of triple wavelength heads are limited in both size and the ability to control each wavelength independently.  The “optimum” solution of a variety of head sizes with 3 independently controlled wavelengths at a commercially acceptable price is still some way off.

At Cambridge Stratum we believe that this optimum solution is still as little way over the horizon rather than on it and in the interim we will be pre-empting its arrival by offering two options:

Option A – The Aluna Triple head which contains all three wavelengths in combination.  This option is best suited to the customer who wants all three wavelengths at the lowest overall price.

Option B – If a customer purchases an Aluna or Aluna Chic 810nm diode laser with any head size 20 x 12mm, 28 x 12mm or 40 x 23mm then decides at any time to purchase either a 755nm or 1064nm head the second head will be discounted by 20%.  If at any time (for the same machine) the customer decides to purchase the remaining wavelength head, the price of this 3rd head will be discounted by 40%.

The advantages of this offer are:

    • The full range of 810nm diode heads are available including the current world leading 40 x 23nm head the largest and therefore fastest diode laser head currently available.
    • The full benefits of each wavelength are available independently.
    • You only need to purchase the options your practise needs.
    • Your options remain open
    • Your purchases can be spread over time.

These options are consistent with the Cambridge Stratum ethos of offering world class products at more affordable prices with no compromise on product quality or support.