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Understanding the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system

Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system

Each month we’ll be bringing you an overview of one of our most impressive energy-assisted devices. This time it’s the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system – one of our most popular platforms.

Body contouring treatments continue to rise in popularity, with more clinics than ever choosing to have multiple platforms in order to treat more patients. But choosing a device such as the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system means as a practitioner you can offer tailored treatments to suit more patients in a safe and reliable way.

How does the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system work?

The built in refrigeration system keeps the skin surface cool, while infrared light penetrates to break down the fat in the target area/s without surgery or invasive techniques: usually at a rate of 24% of the treated volume with each treatment.

The heat energy disrupts the cells’ membrane without causing damage to surrounding tissue, before the body utilises or expels the cell material. Results are visible between 6-12 weeks after the target area is treated and further treatments should be spaced 6 weeks apart for maximum results.

What makes this platform different?

Non invasive and safe for all skin types, the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system eliminates unwanted fat cells from stubborn areas without breaking or damaging the skin. With treatment times of just 25 minutes per cycle, this device offers quick and safe body contouring thanks to sophisticated technology and innovative design.

A reliable and robust device, the Stratum Reveal comes with 4 adapters, all controlled separately. This means simultaneous treatments on different parts of the body at the same time. Multiple treatments can be completed in the same session making it profitable for the clinician and time-effective for the patient.

With a 9.7inch true colour touch screen and temperature and contact sensors, this is a diode laser device that offers both impressive results thanks to proven technology and innovative design for ease of use.

How does it help the patient?laser body contouring

Above anything else the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system gives patients impressive results with minimal downtime and comfortable treatment sessions thanks to the cooling system. While the 1060nm wavelength lasers target the unwanted fat cells below the dermis, the 40x80mn sapphire applicators provide cooling upon contact, to ensure patient comfort throughout.

Being able to control each of the 4 heads separately means multiple  areas can be treated during one visit. he innovative software allows the practitioner two types of use – smart mode and professional mode. This ensures the patient is receiving a tailored, bespoke body contouring treatment while substantially reducing the chance of error or side effects.

What are the main benefits of choosing the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system?

Offering 4 independent applicators means   flexible  treatments.  Areas such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs and upper arms can be treated simultaneously if required. Because each head is controlled individually, a truly tailored approach is possible, and the temperature and contact sensors make this a safe and reliable way to contour the body. It’s also a high value treatment with low cycle costs and has the Cambridge Stratum 3-year  warranty built in with purchase.

Why is heat energy better than cryolipolysis?

As well as being faster than fat freezing body contouring treatments, there are  fewer side effects and patient satisfaction is generally higher as the treatments produce far fewer side effects.. Rather than freezing the fat cells and destroying them, the Stratum Reveal laser body contouring system uses thermal energy to gently disrupt the fat cells that are then removed naturally by the body.

More information

If you would like more information please contact Cambridge Stratum today. You can read the specifications for this body contouring device here and we welcome demonstration requests.