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Choosing aesthetic equipment for clinics

Why choose Cambridge Stratum when picking aesthetic equipment for clinics

We appreciate when shopping around for new aesthetic equipment for clinics and salons there’s often a lot of noise and bluster when all you really need are the facts. At Cambridge Stratum we want to focus on delivering world-class medical devices, excellent return on investment and quality service at every point of your journey with us.

The aesthetics industry is starting to reawaken after almost 18 months in slumber, with the return of trade events now in full swing. We recently exhibited at Aesthetic Medicine Live in London and were reassured by the attendance of so many – particularly those with a tangible interest in investing in quality aesthetic equipment for clinics.

A reoccurring question during the two-day event was why choose Cambridge Stratum and the medical and aesthetic devices we offer – it’s a good question. We understand and appreciate that medical professionals and clinic owners are no longer simply looking for aesthetic equipment for clinics and salons; they want the whole package, from quality technology backed by science to customer service and finance options.

Here we detail some of the benefits of choosing Cambridge Stratum when considering investing in your aesthetic and medicine device portfolio.

World-leading technology and warranty

Our main objective is to provide world-leading technology at a competitive price point. The devices within our portfolio have been hand picked and rigorously tried and tested to ensure efficacy, safety and industry-leading results.

The Pico 300, for example, is one of the most advanced picosecond lasers on the UK market for tattoo removal and pigmented lesion removal, beating rival nanosecond lasers both on price and efficacy. As well as a power output 1,600% higher than any 5ns laser at the same fluence, the addition of the 20x diffraction array lens turns the Stratum Pico 300 into a multi function device for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. You can see our full product portfolio here.

All of our new major platforms are covered by the Cambridge Stratum 3 year warranty that was launched to make a strong and clear statement of the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products. Items that are clearly not consumables are not excluded and we do not plan to add any expensive and unjust costs such as ‘per use’ charges as imposed by some other suppliers in the UK.

Experience matters

Our founder, John Culbert, has 40+ years of relevant technical and commercial experience alongside his engineering degree. He spent decades working with some of the biggest science and tech companies in the Far East, leading to a keen interest in medical technology.

With vast experience in the manufacturing of high quality tech-based products, John hand picks the medical and aesthetic devices Cambridge Stratum provides, and offers a true expert insight when it comes to device efficacy and value – both of which we know are key to decision makers.  

Return on investment

It’s a given that cost is often a key factor when choosing or upgrading your aesthetic equipment for clinics so we appreciate return on investment matters. The ability to provide our customers the combination of value, reliability and results is behind each and every device we have available is something we remain very proud of.

It’s important to offer outstanding medical devices and aesthetic equipment at a price point that guarantees return on investment. Other device companies may try and sell you the most expensive platform while neglecting to inform you fully of the running costs and consumables – we simply deliver quality technology and honest, reliable customer service.

Flexible finance

One of Cambridge Stratum’s key objectives is to bring customers world-class products at reasonable prices that help you – the user – by allowing you to offer device-led treatments that make your business profitable. It’s for this reason we introduced our Flexi-Price business model on our machines.

Flexi-Price is primarily designed to make our products more accessible and reduce the downside risk to customers. With our flexible finance option, the purchaser can buy aesthetic equipment for clinics with 100% ownership for a reduced price. The machines are then used through the purchase of cards that allow a predefined number of pulse or cycles.

The owner can upgrade at any time to the normal price and eliminate the pay/use element – we think this flexibility is a unique offering and one that Cambridge Stratum is proud to offer to enable clinics to grow and build their business.

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We would love the opportunity to discuss your needs if you’re considering investing in new aesthetic equipment for clinics, salons, parlours and beyond. Contact us to book a demonstration or request more information about specific platforms.