Cambridge stratum provides a range of hair removal lasers and IPL:

Quantum Range of High Density Diode Lasers - Our Quantum range utilizes the latest high density diode lasers that can deliver much higher peak power. This has a number of important advantages including greater patient comfort, the effective treatment of light and fine hair, yet still able to treat all skin types.  Quantum II is currently our preferred machine for all hair removal requirements.

Aluna Range of Diode Lasers - This range of  hair removal lasers is designed to primarily work in SHR mode similar to, for instance, the  Alma Soprano ICE (TM).   It has advantages where the majority of patients are skin type III to VI, otherwise we recommend the Quantum II.

IPL - Please go to our IPL section for further details.  IPL is not technically a laser but it is a competing technology at the entry level.  Primarily chosen when the clinic also wants to use it for other treatments such as vascular lesions and skin rejuvenation.   IPL was one of the first light technologies to be used for hair removal.  It is a very versatile tool and can effectively remove hair that is relatively dark and in skin types I to IV.  As a technology IPL is not good for removing lighter or finer hair, nor for darker skins. 

All machines come with the Cambridge Stratum market leading 3 year warranty.