Cambridge stratum has a number of hair removal lasers and other options including:

IPL - Please see our IPL section for further details.  IPL is not technically a laser technology but it is a competing technology at the entry level. IPL was one of the first light technologies to be used for hair removal.  It is a very versatile tool and can effectively remove hair that is relatively dark and in skin types I to IV.  As a technology IPL is not good for removing lighter or finer hair, nor for darker skins.  

Aluna Range of Diode Lasers - This range of  hair removal lasers is designed to work primarily in SHR mode similar to, for instance, the  Alma Soprano ICE (TM).  It has a range of important features to enable it to treat a wide range of hair and skin types comfortably and effectively.

Quantum Range of High Density Diode Lasers - The quantum range utilizes the latest high density diode lasers that can deliver much higher peak power per unit area of skin which has a number of important advantages.  Please see the Quantum 1 or 2 for further details.