These products are fractional lasers for skin resurfacing, hypertrophic scar revision, including acne scars and stretch marks.

Ablative Lasers

For hypertrophic scarring the 2940nm ErYag lasers are the preferred solution.  These are ablative lasers that ablate micro-zones on the skin, necessary for the treatment of hypertrophic scars.  Ablative lasers can also be used for hypotrophic scarring and skin resurfacing but the down time is greater than for the non ablative types.

Non Ablative Lasers

For hypotrophic scarring including acne and stretch marks the non ablative lasers in the range of 1445nm to 1550nm work by denaturing columns of tissue but do not actually remove any tissue.  This damaged tissue is then renewed and during this process the appearance  of hypotrophic scars and wrinkles can be improved.  They have the advantages of next to no down time, no need for fume extraction, fewer complications and are more comfortable. Typically the patient would need more treatments but can usually resume normal life very quickly.  There can be erythema that persists for 24- 48 hours.

A recent innovation in the area of non ablative lasers is the 1550nm scanning fibre laser.  This type of lase in effect "writes" one dot at a time and the dots can can be written non sequentially to reduce the effects of bulk heating.  The result is fewer treatments.