Skin Resurfacing and the revision of scars / stretch marks without downtime

The use of ablative fractional lasers can be very effective for resurfacing tired and aging skin.  They are also very effective for revising all types of scarring both hypertrophic e.g. Surgery scars and hypotrophic e.g. acne scars and stretch marks.

There is however downtime associated with ablative lasers with Erbium Yag, fractional lasers having the least downtime of the ablative laser types.  There is also an increased risk of complications with ablative lasers caused by the breaks in the skin that they cause.

A safer, more comfortable approach with little or no downtime is the use of non ablative lasers around 1550nm wavelength.  In many situations they can produce results comparable to the ablative Erbium Yag lasers, especially where scarring is hypotrophic.