Stratum nano 3

Fast 3.5ns EO Q switched laser

The Stratum nano 3 is a high quality fast Electo-Optical (EO) Q switched laser.  A pulse width of 3.5ns at 900mJ (1064nm) making it an extremely effective laser for tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal.  With the optional x20 array lens it is also a very controllable laser for skin resurfacing and photo-rejuvenation.  The fast laser pulse results in high peak power for effective treatment.   The amount of energy (heat) deposited into the skin is far less, reducing the possibility of skin pigment changes and scarring.

By placing the laser in the hand piece we have been able to make massive savings in the cost of the machine which we are pleased to pass onto you.  The nano3 comes as standard with a 1~5mm variable spot tip, a 532nm adapter and a 7mm SPT tip. 

The operating system is very advanced and has built in protocols for treating tattoos, pigmented lesions, skin resurfacing and photo rejuvenation .  Although this cannot replace a medical diagnosis, it does simplify the operation of the laser. 

Stratum nano 3 epitomises Cambridge Stratum’s mission which is to provide world class products at more affordable prices with no loss of quality or support and comes with our market leading 3 year warranty.

The use of cling film and full PPE to prevent cross infection where necessary