Quantum 2

High Power hair removal laser – now 2800Watts

The Quantum 2 is the ultimate high power hair removal laser.  The key to pain free hair removal is to get sufficient  energy (heat)  into hair follicle before it has had time to escape and then STOP.  The Quantum 2 can do this because of its 2800Watt output and keep on supplying this level of power throughout the working day due  to its excellent refrigeration system.

  • Ultra short pulses – as short as 1ms
  • Dualwave 755/810nm head for optimum treatment of the widest range of hair colours including grey hair, blonde hair and fine hair
  • Due to the high power and short pulse width the energy (heat) delivered is typically 50% less than conventional diode lasers
  • More comfortable and less risk of damage to surrounding skin
  • Refrigeration system ensures excellent tip cooling to between 4C and -4C for safe, effective and comfortable treatment of all skin types
  • Large 14mm x12mm spot size for fast treatments
  • Five operating modes: Standard, SHR, Professional, Skin Rejuvenation, Stack