1550nm Non-Ablative Laser for Skin Resurfacing plus the revision of acne scars and stretch marks

The very latest non-ablative scanning technology for laser skin resurfacing and hypotrophic scar revision, including acne scars and striae.  The introduction of a scanning fibre laser is a major innovation that has a number of advantages:

  • More intense treatment with improved patient comfort
  • Larger treatment target area
  • Much less risk of pigment changes
  • Precise and stable treatment
  • Wider parameter range without the need for expensive accessories
  • Finer control of treatment parameters

The 1550 non-ablative scanning for laser skin resurfacing is available in both desktop form as the Spectra 1550 and as the floor standing Stratum 1550.  Both are excellent machines and come with the Cambridge Stratum market leading 3 year warranty.