Excellent entry level Q switch laser for Tattoo Removal

Although our entry level Q switch laser, the entry level is high with a pulse width of <10ns  and up to 1600mJ output at 1064nm.  It has pulse rates up to 10Hz and comes as standard with:

  • 1064nm Zoom Lens (1-5mm)
  • 532nmktp lens (1-5mm)
  • 7mm Beam Expander

This is an excellent machine if you are new to tattoo removal or currently  have a light tattoo removal work load.  The Spectra nano 10 is also light and robust enough to be easily portable.

It is a very capable machine for removing black, dark blue and red (with KTP tip) tattoos.  If your requirements go beyond this, please take a look at the rest of our extensive range which extends right through to the Stratum pico 300,  300 picosecond laser.