Stratum 8

Multi-function Platform Machine incorporating eight, IPL, Radio Frequency and Laser technologies

The Stratum 8 PS multi-function platform provides a wide range of IPL, laser and radio frequency based treatments. Its modular constructions enables a low initial purchase price with the ability to expand to suit your clinic’s needs.

By effectively replacing up to eight conventional machines the Stratum 8 PS saves both space and cost. It is an effective tool in all areas and although dedicated machines in some of the areas would be fast; for many clinics the Stratum 8 may well be the only machine of its type you will need.

For expanding clinics the Stratum 8 PS enables your clinic to cost effectively enter the market and if required, purchase specialised machines at a later date from the profit generated by the Stratum 8 PS, as you establish your market presence.

Other features include:

  • Key components sourced from established and proven US and European manufacturers.
  • System control provided by ARM processor developed in Cambridge, England and running the android operating system used in millions of devices worldwided.
  • TEC cooling of the system and where appropriate the treatment heads for added reliability and patient comfort.
  • Operates from a standard 13A socket and fully tested to meet UK main requirements.