SkinTyte Pro

The difference between the SkinTyte and SkinTyte pro is their appearance and size. The SkinTyte, weighing just 6.5kg, is easily portable and perfect for those who work in more than one location. It has proven to be a robust and reliable product even when transported frequently. Whereas the SkinTyte is the floor standing version. It has the advantage of a larger 15 inch display and an elegant floor standing design with build in storage.

The SkinTyte – otherwise known as HiFu, is an effective treatment for the dual purposes of generating new collagen in the skin and with the alternative head range, body contouring through the breakdown of body fat.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (Hi-Fu) works by focusing ultrasound in a very specific and controlled way so that only at the point of focus is there sufficient heat generated to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. This ability to precisely control the location of the treatment area in all 3 dimensions is an important differentiation between Hi-Fu and other ultrasound or radio frequency treatments. As the energy passes through the epidermis it is unfocused and has no discernable effect. At the focal point the ultrasound beam can readily produce temperatures in excess of 50C for the breakdown of fat or 65-70C for the generation of new collagen in the skin.