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Body contouring devices from Cambridge Stratum

Adding body contouring devices like Stratum Reveal to your clinic

All fat reduction and body contouring devices offer different results and are used by practitioners in different ways, but when we speak to medical professionals and clinic owners it’s the non-invasive nature of these energy-assisted platforms that offers the biggest draw.

Safe and reliable, non surgical body sculpting treatments like Stratum Reveal are not only popular with patients but clinic owners too, as they offer tangible results and can be combined with other aesthetic treatments.

Stratum Reveal uses 1060nm wavelength lasers to target the fat cells, breaking down the fat without damaging any skin or muscle around it. The laser is fired through a cooled sapphire window meaning the epidermis and basal layer are cooled to around 15C to ensure patients are comfortable. As the targeted infrared laser light passes through the skin it heats the fat cells below, disrupting the cell membrane of fat cells within the treatment area. No other tissue is harmed during this process making it a safe fat reduction process for the treated area.

Areas of the body the Stratum Reveal can improve contours and reduce fat in the abdomen, the thighs, the upper arms (bingo wings) and the buttocks, to name a few. The versatility is what makes this one of the best fat reduction and body contouring treatments available.

The Stratum Reveal body contouring treatmentsrivals other body contouring devices available in the UK thanks to the four individually controlled heads. This allows practitioners to treat multiple areas at the same time, during the same session. We know your time is valuable, so this addition is a real USP for this device and cycle costs are low.

Patient comfort is key and many comment on how relaxing and comfortable this contactless form of body reshaping is. With the possibility of treating multiple areas simultaneously this allows you to be in a unique proposition as you can contour entire areas – which may have previously taken numerous treatment sessions – in one session.

Treatment is quick and depending on which area of the body is being treated with the Stratum Reveal body contouring treatment, clients can be back at work within the hour.

During a Stratum Reveal body contouring treatment, infrared energy is emitted from a hand piece. Protocols are controlled from a touch screen with each applicator controlled separately to ensure comfort and safety. Better yet, this device comes with the Cambridge Stratum 3 year warranty built in for your peace of mind.

Body contouring has never been more affordable thanks to our flexible pricing and finance options, so please contact us for a demonstration. With long-term results, quick treatment sessions, and a wide variety of physical benefits as well as a boost to self-esteem, your patients will enjoy the results while you enjoy profitable appointments and the excellence of Stratum Reveal from Cambridge Stratum. 

Body contouring treatments are versatile, meaning you can now treat more areas than you think. With Stratum Reveal you can now achieve the following, all without surgery:

–        Contour the abdomen and flanks

–        Reshape thighs

–        Shrink bingo wings

–        Reduce fat around the knees

–        Firm and lift the buttocks

Once treatment with Stratum Reveal is complete the body’s natural drainage mechanism removes unwanted matter or it’s reabsorbed by the body elsewhere. This advanced non-surgical body contouring treatment reduces fat from targeted areas over a course of treatments, and most patients lose inches from their waist or thighs in the months following the body contouring treatments.

Usually, patients need a course of three treatments  with Stratum Reveal, but this depends on body type and treatment plan, to ensure the end user gets the best results possible.

For more information on the body contouring treatments from Cambridge Stratum, please contact the team online who will be delighted to assist you. We also have a portfolio of aesthetic devices including those for tattoo removal, skin tightening and skin resurfacing. You can view our products here.