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Adding Total Skin Maintenance Machine to your portfolio

Total Skin Maintenance Machine – Stratum Synergy 

With restrictions finally coming to an end and clinics across the UK being able to function as normal, we’re seeing an increase in enquiries for regular skin maintenance treatments. These are regular treatments everyone can benefit from to keep their skin in peak condition, and we have the ideal total skin maintenance machine in our portfolio.

Stratum Synergy is a skin management platform that combines four innovative technologies: HydroMedi™, OxyNrich™, QuadPolar RF, and Ultra+serum™.This skin maintenance  machine offers a plethora of benefits with regards to skin rejuvenation and toning, helping you treat patients quickly and safely within minimal operation costs to your clinic.

In today’s post we’re going to briefly look at the benefits of investing in a professional skin maintenance machine such as Stratum Synergy, and why choosing this type of energy-assisted skin maintenance device can boost your clinic turnover.

Multi-purpose platformtotal skin maintenance machine

When choosing a skin maintenance machine you want more than a one trick pony but you also want treatments that are proven and effective. The Stratum Synergy is versatile and effective in treating a multitude of skin concerns, making it a multi-purpose skin management platform. The four technologies (as mentioned above) ensure you can offer numerous skin rejuvenation treatments all using one platform.

As the system can treat all layers of the skin, popular treatments using the Stratum Synergy include skin toning and tightening, hydration, exfoliation, oxygen enrichment and cell nutrition, deep cleansing, and even wrinkle reduction.

Not only that, but with the new clinical grade solutions available you can use the platform for more intense skin rejuvenation treatments including those using lactic acid, salicylic acid and Vitamin C.

– HydroMedi™

Hydromedi is the Cambridge Stratum brand name for the very popular HydorFacial treatments that are superior to a supercede microdermabrasion.  It uses a combination of suction, turbulence and clinical grade solutions to penetrate the skin and eradicate bacteria while removing tired dead skin, black heads, unblocking pores and reducing pollution build up. It’s suitable for all skin types too, making it an ideal addition to a busy clinic.

– OxyNrich™

A combination of skin nourishing gel and a vibrating treatment tip at a specific patient-tailored frequency is used to exfoliate the skin and produce CO2 bubbles that, once inside the skin, help the skin capillaries oxygenate and rejuvenate cells.

– QuadPolar RF

Skin is warmed to 41c which contracts collagens improving the appearance of laxity and radiance. Results can be seen immediately, making it a popular treatment.

– Ultra+serum™

Using a combination of ultrasound and medical-grade skin products, this produces micro droplets that hydrate the skin’s matrix and nourish it with a mixture of vitamins and acids. An ideal treatment for patients seeking antioxidant benefits.

Affordable running costs

We believe our devices offer excellent value for money, from purchase to running day-to-day. Choosing a professional skin maintenance machine or skin rejuvenation device from Cambridge Stratum means you can be sure of affordable service costs, making your clinic more profitable. We even include a starter kit with each machine to enable over 50 treatments before you need to order any consumables.

Technology you can trust

By making equipment  more affordable, we believe Cambridge Stratum is helping cosmetic and medical clinics offer a broad range of treatments. This in turn helps them become more profitable while having the best devices.

All products from Cambridge Stratum offer outstanding build quality and appropriate CE approval, and were chosen following a rigorous product selection programme, and backed by a UK based on-site guarantee, supported by engineers with 20 years of related experience.

For more information about skin maintenance devices or to learn more about our portfolio of machines please contact our team of experts who will be delighted to help you with your enquiries.